For those who would
by those who can.

Wood Splitter Series Summer Solstice

It’s fitting that we are the charity partner of an event in which endurance athletes put their physical abilities to the test and doggedly ran 1-mile trail loops for 15 hours. As the sun began to rise at the start of the Wood Splitter Summer Solstice ultra trail running event, race organizer Caylan Hord reminded the participants to be grateful for their abilities and to think about the types of people For Those Who Would supports when running that trail becomes burdensome and they want to quit.

The event was an incredible display of fortitude, but it also was one in which some phenomenal athletes exhibited characteristics of truly good and caring people.  Smiles and laughter and jokes were never lacking, even as the sun began to shine brighter and hotter on this gorgeous course. We watched as runner after runner accomplished some pretty incredible goals, with each person choosing to run as fast and as far as they wanted. This inaugural experience was such a good one for everyone involved that we expect to see it grow and become ever more popular. The beauty of it all is that each athlete contributed to helping us make some individual’s life significantly better.  For more details and insight to the race itself, read this article written by our board president.

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