Our Athletes

For those who would
by those who can.

We are proud to be represented by a few select athletes who train, compete, campaign, and raise awareness for the causes of For Those Who Would. This is not a glamorous association for them as there are no free products, no free races, or nothing else to brag about. Their reward is the self-satisfaction of helping us make meaningful impact on the lives of others.


David is our first supporting athlete. He is deeply invested in raising money to help others, making him a perfect fit for our organization. More about David and a way to donate on his behalf here.

Kiera McEvoy

Kiera is our first college supporting athlete and has big inspirations of helping others through the sport of obstacle racing. More about Kiera and a way to donate on her behalf here.

Amanda Mendes

Amanda is the first healthcare provider in our FTWW family.  She also comes with a history of helping others.  More about Amanda and a way to donate on her behalf here.

Caylan Hord

Caylan hopes to use knowledge and experience gained from being part of a racing team, Relentless, to support the causes of FTWW.  More about Caylan and a way to donate on his behalf here.


Lori is an elementary school teacher in St. Augustine, Florida, but is obsessed with obstacle racing and the wonderful people in the OCR community.  More about Lori and a way to donate on her behalf here.

Dennis Dalton

Dennis is an accomplished athlete who is taking advantage of a “second chance on life” to do meaningful work on the behalf of others.  More about Dennis here.

Anisa Moore

Anisa is one of our first college student Supporting Athletes.  She represents the next generation of obstacle racers set to do great things for others. More about Anisa here.

Todd Lucas

Todd is one of our first College Supporting Athletes.  He became affiliated with us through a community service learning class and wanted to continue his involvement. More about Todd here.