First Steps Grant for Eating Disorder Treatment

For Those Who Would is pleased to offer a $5000 First Steps grant to provide financial support for individuals seeking psychological counseling or treatment for food eating disorders. This grant addresses the immediate financial needs related to the treatment, covering a range of expenses including therapy sessions, travel to treatment centers, and other associated costs. This grant will not cover debts incurred from past treatments.

The application for this grant must be completed personally by the individual seeking treatment. Applicants should demonstrate a clear commitment to their treatment journey, which will be a key consideration in the evaluation process. We encourage applicants to articulate their treatment plans and goals as part of their application.

Applications are open until January 31. After this date, our Board of Directors will carefully review all submissions and select the recipient based on the alignment of their needs and commitments with the grant’s objectives. Only the grant recipient will be contacted regarding the decision and the stipulations for how the grant is awarded will be provided at that time.

Any questions regarding this grant or the application process should be directed to [email protected].

First Steps Application Form