For those who would
by those who can.

Running all day because they can

Providing athletes an opportunity to use their passion and abilities to help others is one of the reasons For Those Who Would was founded. On Thursday, December 21 (the Winter Solstice), several athletes are going to put their passions and abilities to the test for charitable purposes by running a 1 mile trail loop for 9+ hours. This Winter Solstice Charity Challenge will be pushing this team of OCR athletes who “can”, out of their comfort zone, to provide for those who “would.” Led by our supporting athlete, Caylan Hord, other athletes currently planning to run are Chris Schapman, Genesis Barnes, Jeffrey Cochran, Jacob Taylor, and Justin Chandler. During the event they will go live frequently to provide status updates of the runners.

More details of the event and how to make pledges based on their performances can be found on the Winter Solstice Charity Challenge Facebook event page. Whether you want to donate or not, we would love to have you visit the Facebook site and encourage these individuals who are putting forth a monumental effort to help others.

If you would prefer to contribute a set amount, you can do that directly at our online donation portal. All donations are tax deductible and the funds will be used to provide meaningful health care support to an individual in need.



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