OCR Community Voting Site for the OCR Humanitarian Award

The purpose of the OCR Humanitarian Award co-sponsored by Mud Run Guide and North American OCR Championships is to recognize an individual within the obstacle racing community who consistently exhibits humanitarian traits off the course. This includes:

1. Giving of him/herself without expectation of compensation

2. Embraces common moral decencies such as altruism, integrity, responsibility, and compassion

3. Improves the lives of others through selfless, courageous, and compassionate acts

There was an extremely strong field of nominations this year and the committee composed of representatives from For Those Who Would, Mud Run Guide, and North American OCR Championships selected 4 finalists.  Because we are part of the OCR Community and because we want to shine a positive light on these individuals’ selfless acts in order to inspire others, we give the OCR community a vote in the final selection.  In essence, in the event of a tie in the selection committee’s final vote, the OCR community vote serves as the tie breaker.  Please read about the wonderful things these finalists are doing and cast your vote below.

Voting will close on Thursday, June 27 at 5:00 EST.  The winner will be announced the week of July 7.  The winner and finalists will be honored during a dinner at the 2019 North American OCR Championships at the Stratton, Vermont.

Carrie Greco Lukins

Carrie Lukins of Colorado is described by her nominator as someone who “gives &
shares & does so without hesitation to all walks of life. Carrie treats others they way one desires to be treated, keeping the golden rule close to her soul. ” Examples of her selfless acts include organizing and running a non-profit festival to raise money for Homes for Heroes, becoming the legal guardian of her grandson in order to care for him, and opening her home to known and unknown obstacle racers who need a place to stay.

Steve McCollum

Matty Gregg of Santa Clara, California is described by one of his nominators as “a true believer in making the world around him a better place than he found it.  He is someone that believes in unifying instead of dividing people and strives to bring people together on common ground for common good.”  Examples of his selfless acts within the past 12 months include organizing a fundraiser that raised over $100,000 for St. Baldericks Children’s Hospital, personally paying for someone diagnosed with cancer to go to World’s Toughest Mudder, and raising money through World’s Toughest Mudder to benefit Wounded Warrior Project.

Joey McGlamory

Joey McGlamory of Smyrna, Georgia is described by one of his nominators as someone who “walks the walk of love and helpfulness without hesitation and just because it is the right thing to do and for no other reason.” Examples of his selfless acts include taking on the financial, logistical, and physical responsibilities for guiding a blind racer through obstacle course races almost every weekend, sending his medals and shirts for a little boy overseas who is wheelchair-bound, and working to promote the cause of adaptive athletes.

Sean Valigura

Paul TenHaken of Sioux Falls, South Dakota is described one of his nominators as a “selfless and generous associate that gives his time, money, and position in life to help those in need or help improve the lives of others.”  Examples of his selfless acts  include co-founding a non-profit organization that creates international mission trip opportunities and philanthropic outlets for business leaders, traveling to Haiti to serve the people of Ti-Riviere, and providing all the employees at his company an additional week of paid leave annually to serve on an overseas mission project.