For those who would
by those who can.

Running for others on the longest day of the year

The resilient find ways to transform their setbacks into opportunity.

Like so many other races, this year’s Summer Solstice Run on June 20 is temporarily transitioning to a virtual event. The Solstice series has been one of our best financial supporters throughout the years and now that it is virtual, even more people can participate in this really neat event.

The rules are simple. 

  1. Register at UltraSignup
  2. Choose the 4 hour option or the 15 hour option
  3. Run any day from when you sign up until June 21
  4. Run as many miles as you want/can during your selected time frame
  5. Email your results to [email protected] to receive your finishers gear

Although you can run it however you like, you might want to consider trying to replicate the traditional race format, which is a 1 mile (or any other distance you choose) loop with a central location for your food, water, and support crew.  We prefer off-road running, but maybe you have a neighborhood route or a park.  We expect some to make this a social running event with family, friends, or running groups (while maintaining the necessary social distancing rules, of course!)

Perhaps, in the spirit of our charity, you may want to run in honor of someone who can’t.  We would love that!

If you participate, we want to know about it

Are you up for the challenge?  Are you more willing to participate knowing that a large portion of the proceeds from this event help us help others who aren’t physically able to even walk?

Register for the virtual Summer Solstice Run here.

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