To recognize individual(s) within the obstacle racing community who consistently exhibit humanitarian traits off the course.

Definition of a humanitarian:

  • Gives of him/herself without expectation of compensation
  • Embraces common moral decencies such as altruism, integrity, responsibility and compassion
  • Improves the lives of others through selfless, courageous, and compassionate acts

A few examples of selfless acts include activities such as:

  • Serves weekly meals at homeless shelters
  • Serves as a foster parent
  • Organized a charity event to raise money for someone who lost their home to fire
  • Volunteers for charitable organizations
  • Serves on mission trips both in country and/or abroad

Examples of good acts that fall outside the scope of the award include:

  • Paid advocate for impoverished individuals
  • Someone who always helps others through an obstacle course
  • An individual who inspires others to compete in obstacle races
  • Paid employee of a charitable organization

To be eligible for the award, the individual(s) must be part of the OCR community and a citizen or legal resident of North or Central America and meet one of two criteria.*

1. Complete a minimum of 4 obstacle races between August 1, 2018 and August 1, 2019.
2. Work within the OCR Industry (e.g., OCR course builder/director, OCR website designer, OCR writer, OCR apparel designer, OCR marketing specialist, etc.)

*Individuals and families associated with For Those Who Would, North American OCR Championships, and Mud Run Guide are ineligible for nomination. Those who were finalists in 2018 are ineligible for nomination in 2019.

Nominations close midnight EST on June 7, 2019.