OCR Community Voting Site for the OCR Humanitarian Award

The purpose of the OCR Humanitarian Award co-sponsored by Mud Run Guide and North American OCR Championships is to recognize an individual within the obstacle racing community who consistently exhibits humanitarian traits off the course. This includes:

1. Giving of him/herself without expectation of compensation

2. Embraces common moral decencies such as altruism, integrity, responsibility, and compassion

3. Improves the lives of others through selfless, courageous, and compassionate acts

There was an extremely strong field of nominations this year and the committee composed of representatives from For Those Who Would, Mud Run Guide, and North American OCR Championships selected 4 finalists.  Because we are part of the OCR Community and because we want to shine a positive light on these individuals’ selfless acts in order to inspire others, we give the OCR community a vote in the final selection.  In essence, in the event of a tie in the selection committee’s final vote, the OCR community vote serves as the tie breaker.  Please read about the wonderful things these finalists are doing and cast your vote below.

Voting will close on Thursday, June 27 at 5:00 EST.  The winner will be announced the week of July 7.  The winner and finalists will be honored during a dinner at the 2019 North American OCR Championships at the Stratton, Vermont.


Carrie Greco Lukins

Carrie Lukins of Colorado is described by her nominator as someone who “gives and shares and does so without hesitation to all walks of life. Carrie treats others the way one desires to be treated, keeping the golden rule close to her soul. She brightens up anyone’s day with her shining magnetic spirit and huge humbled heart!”

Examples of her selfless acts include organizing and running a non-profit festival to raise money for Homes for Heroes, becoming the legal guardian of her grandson in order to care for him, and opening her home to obstacle racers (whether she knows them or not) who need a place to stay.

Steve McCollum

Steve McCollum of Ohio is described by his nominator as “kind and patient, helpful to those around him without expectation of receiving the same back and without ulterior motives. His hashtag #OCRGivesBack highlights this. Aside from being a kind, friendly, and helpful face at OCR events where he will do what he can to make your day better, Steve works tirelessly to provide for and help young people in difficult situations, and has done so for the past 20 years. From providing college education to orphans, to encouraging young people to become active to encourage joy and play.”

Examples of his selfless acts include helping athletes raise funds for children and youth in orphanages, organizing mission trips so athletes can volunteer and work with children in need, and setting up letter-writing friendships so young people will know that others around the world are thinking of them and working towards helping them.

Joey McGlamory

Joey McGlamory of Smyrna, Georgia is described by his nominator as someone who “always has a smile on his face and remains positive. He always captures his service and publishes it with humility to social media. I know it has inspired me and others to improve the lives of others as well.” He typifies a humanitarian through “his support of the blind community and helping all others in the OCR community the way he can.”

Examples of his selfless acts include leading Blind Pete through OCRs as Blind Pete’s “equipment”, driving others to OCR events and traveling as far as he needs to, and helping veterans personally and through veteran charities.

Sean Valigura

Sean Valigura is described by his nominator as “professional, charismatic, meaningful, and caring.” He typifies a humanitarian “through his efforts in Operation Valor and everything else he does. Though Operation Valor, he has been able to help many veterans in and out of the community of OCR. Through that and his efforts (and others in Operation Valor), they’ve made huge contributions to charities, given vets opportunities they wouldn’t have had otherwise, and contributed to the military series in Dallas and other events.”

Examples of his selfless acts include donating to multiple charities, coordinating a golf event with technologies that allowed veterans to golf who were otherwise physically unable, and going out of his way to provide help to an individual with health and injury issues.