For those who would
by those who can.

The charity created specifically for obstacle racers

A personal connection for OCR athletes.

That was a priority when Margaret Schlachter, Amelia Boone, Carrie (Adams) Connors , the other board members, and I started discussing the creation of For Those Who Would.

We we say we created a charity for obstacle racers we mean that in every respect.  Most of our board has been part of the OCR community from the very beginning and we know that many individuals and organizations within have a strong desire to contribute back to that same community. Our supporting athletes are a testament to that. We also realize the importance of personal connection when it comes to donating time and money. That’s why we focus our support to those within our immediate and extended community. How do we find people to help? Almost exclusively from obstacle racers themselves.  On behalf of our donors we have provided critical and meaningful support to OCR athletes, to their children, and to their close friends.   Our community is our priority.

The other thing we know that is important to our supporters is that nearly 100% of donor funds go directly to support individuals who need it.  Not to salaries. Not to office space. Not to pay for electricity, water, brochures, technology, travel, etc.  Not to professional fundraisers.  For Those Who Would is not our job, it is our passion and everyone associated with us volunteers their time and efforts.

Those who support our charity can be confident that they are helping make meaningful impact in the lives of people who can use a helping hand. There are other charities who fill needed roles such as healthcare research, advocacy, or community development.  But that’s not what we do.  We help individuals.  People with a name and a story. People who you may actually know.  Within the legal and ethical bounds of respect for privacy of the people we help, we want you to know exactly how funds are used and more often than not, the people who your donated funds support want to share their stories. You may have even been the one who connected them to us.  It doesn’t get much more personal than that.

If what you have read here resonates and you want to give back to the OCR community there are a number of different options.

Thank you in advance!

Jeff Cain
Board of Directors

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