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For Those Who Would Introduces its new $5000 “First Steps” Grant for Treatment of Eating Disorders

Richmond, KY – For Those Who Would, a recognized 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to supporting individuals hindered from participating in athletic and physical recreational activities due to debilitating injuries or chronic diseases, today announced its latest grant initiative – the “First Steps” grant. This $5000 grant is specifically aimed at providing financial aid for psychological counseling or treatment for individuals on their first steps toward recovery from eating disorders.

Recognizing the profound impact that these disorders can have on both physical and mental health, especially in the context of athletic and adventurous lifestyles, For Those Who Would is committed to offering tangible support. The grant aims to break down barriers to treatment such as high treatment costs, insurance deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses, which often stand in the way of effective recovery.

The First Steps grant is part of For Those Who Would’s broader mission to support the adventure and endurance sports community and aligns with the charity’s goal of becoming the charity of choice for athletes in these domains. By providing financial assistance, the charity seeks to ensure that those affected by eating disorders have access to the necessary psychological support without the added stress of financial burden.

Applications for the grant are open to individuals who demonstrate a financial need and a commitment to recovery. The funding can be used to cover various treatment-related expenses, including therapy sessions, travel to treatment centers, and other associated costs.

For Those Who Would also continues to support endurance and adventure athletes by offering a platform to raise funds for personal causes that further the foundation’s mission. This initiative strengthens the bond within the athletic community and encourages a collective effort towards supporting those in need.

For more details on the grant and the application process, please visit For Those Who Would’s website.

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About For Those Who Would:
For Those Who Would is a Richmond, KY-based charity that aims to support individuals who are unable to engage in athletic and recreational activities due to injuries or chronic diseases. The charity also provides a mechanism for endurance and adventure athletes to raise funds for personal causes that align with the charity’s mission

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