For those who would
by those who can.

2022 For Those Who Would 4-mile trail race and “Last Person Left” Trail Ultra

If you don’t like to run, but still want to contribute to the cause, you can make a tax-deductible donation here.

“Just people runnin’ all day”

That’s a phrase someone used to describe what will happen on a spring Saturday in the rolling hills of Richmond KY.

Last Person Left CourseFor Those Who Would was founded on the spirit of athletes who push their limits and who have high ideals of helping others in need. This inaugural charity event typifies what we are about as competitors will start each lap together and run consecutive ~3.67 mile trail loops (with 397′ total gain per loop) until only one runner is left who can beat the time limit and is willing to continue. Unlike other “last person left” races, ours uses a shrinking clock format, so no one will be running all weekend!  Runners will start together at 9:00 and have 60 minutes to complete the first lap. Participants who make it back to the start line and are willing to continue, start the 2nd lap at 10:00.  This time they only have 57 minutes before the next lap starts.  The third lap has a time limit of 55 minutes. The fourth 52 minutes. Then 51 minutes.  Then 50. So on and so forth until the clock stalls somewhere around 45 minutes (TBD). Run as many loops as you want and/or can.  Each lap gets a little harder requiring runners to dig into their grit a little sooner than usual.  However, we expect that most ultra-runners will be able to run at least 50K. Official rules with lap times will be posted on the ultrasignup registration site.

If you aren’t interested in running “all dang day”, we also have a “single loop” trail run/walk option to start the day at 8:00.  First three male and female finishers will receive a medal.

This event is first and foremost a charity event as 100% of proceeds will be used to purchase and train a medical service dog for a young lady who desperately needs one but cannot afford it. We will be assisted in this event by RaceRise and a group of University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy students who are collaborating with us as part of their community service learning course.  More details will follow, but participants can bring crews who can attend to your needs during whatever time you have remaining between loops. There will be music at the start/finish line, as well as a limited assortment of trail-runner friendly snacks.


Basic Event Details

Saturday, April 23
8:00 a.m: “One loop” Trail Race (~3.67 miles) begins
9:00 a.m.:  Last Person Left Trail Ultra begins

Last Person Left registration fee is $75 ($95 after March 22)
One Loop (almost 4 miler) Trail Race is $25 ($35 after March 22)
Registration closes April 20

Check-in and start/finish line is located at the Eastern Kentucky University Challenge Course area.  Parking is nearby in the paved Big E Lot located at the corner of Lancaster Ave and Kit Carson Drive.  Use the access road off of Kit Carson Drive to reach the parking lot and then walk over to the check-in area.


For more information and to register for either event see the race registration page on This page will be updated as more information comes available.

It will be springtime when the race occurs, but here are a few photos from the course this winter to get you excited.

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