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Richard Schlenk wins For Those Who Would OCR Humanitarian Award

Dr. Richard Schlenk of Cleveland, Ohio has been selected as our 2020 For Those Who Would OCR Humanitarian of the Year.  The award, which is sponsored by Adventurey LLC and media partner, Mud Run Guide is given annually to an individual within the OCR community who consistently exhibits humanitarian traits off the course.

As with every individual who has won this award, the nomination was glowing with multiple examples of how he meets the criteria of a humanitarian.

“Richard is full of nothing but kindness in every way. He runs races in Cleveland for “Running Forward and Giving Back.” He puts on events not for profit, but to provide help and assistance to others. In many of his races, the entry fee is a donation straight to a local charity. Richard also encourages the community to get out and assist in cleaning up our local trails. Aside from this, he is an artist that builds hand made custom guitars and donates them to be auctioned off for charity. I honestly have never seen him worry about himself as much as he focuses on others.”

One recent example that illustrates Richard’s commitment to helping others is when he”ran 24 hours around his neighborhood to raise money for the Concerned Citizens Community Council in Cleveland. He raised $10,000 in donations.”

“Countless local charities have been impacted by Richard through his events and donations. Local parks and trails are cleaner thanks to Richard and his efforts and he inspires those around him to donate to those in need and to keep our parks and trails clean. Richard simply leaves a trail behind him of making things better for everyone in his wake.”

Dr. Schlenk will be honored at the 2021 OCR World Championships in September in Stratton, Vermont.

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