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2016 Health Care Grant Program Announcement and Application

Thanks to our many contributors, our supporting athletes, OCR World ChampionshipsBROCR Media, UntilLifeMakesSense, International Obstacle Course Racing Union, Mud Run Guide and Yancy Camp, we are happy to announce that we will offer a one-time health care grant up to $500 $1000 $1500. One grant will be awarded in 2016 with plans to expand as the charity grows. This grant will support an individual associated with the obstacle racing, adventure racing, or endurance racing communities. We will accept applications (including self-applications) through Dec 31, 2016 Jan 8, 2017. Grant recipient will be informed by Jan 31, 2017.  Please share with those for whom a grant may make meaningful impact.

Update 12/18/2017

The IOCRU has donated to this grant program and we have now increased it to $1000!  Based on popular response to the announcement and request from supporters, we have added a button below for others who want to donate and increase the amount awarded.

Update 12/20/2017

Last night, we received an anonymous donation of $500 toward the grant, increasing it to $1500!

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